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Salivary Indicatior Strips - 10 count

10 test strips

Product Code: CP9805

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10 test strips
Product Information

Test Nitric Oxide levels.

This saliva test is a simple way to understand the body’s current ability to produce Nitric Oxide. We recommend testing on an empty stomach before and after the use of Neo40® Daily or Nitric Oxide rich foods. We recommend testing regularly.

Why test?

The test helps monitor the body’s Nitric Oxide status using saliva. Test results are measured by comparing the test strip to four color-coded indicators. The test monitors the body’s level of this critical molecule in the system.

Step 1: Wash your hands.
Step 2: Place your saliva on the test strip indicator pad.
Step 3: Compare your test strip indicator pad to the color chart on the container.

To test effectiveness of Neo40 Daily, repeat test 30 minutes after lozenge dissolves in your mouth. The test pad should become increasingly red after you take Neo40 Daily, indicating increased availability and sustained levels of Nitric Oxide in your body.

Note: Baseline test produces most accurate results if test is taken on an empty stomach. If you are taking antibiotics or have used antiseptic mouthwash in the last 24 hours, test results will not be accurate. Do not place the test strip in your mouth.

This is the world’s first and only standard non-invasive salivary Nitric Oxide test. Now you can measure your Nitric Oxide levels for yourself.

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