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NAC, Respiratory Mucus and Lung Function

There is a nearly forgotten, natural way to help clear all that embarrassing mucus from your respiratory tract. An active form of the amino acid cysteine called N-acetyl cysteine, or simply NAC, may be the best agent for liquefying thick, hard-to-clear mucus. This “mucolytic” action thins the lung secretions so they can be cleared away by coughing. NAC also increases the level of the body’s premier antioxidant, glutathione, and together, as disulfide reducing agents, NAC and glutathione decrease the thickness of mucus. NAC is the most widely used mucolytic and has greater documentation of effectiveness, including cost effectiveness, than any other mucokinetic agent. Suboptimal lung function is on the rise worldwide, and NAC has been successfully used for decades to support lung health and enhance respiratory function.